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In the next installment of his column, homebrewer John Kleinchester discusses dumping a lager, and moving on to other brews.

The Cooking Column

We love mac and cheese. With the addition of beer? Even better.

Pick of the Weekend

Learn how to brew at Astoria Beer and Brew this Saturday, with Joanna Carpenter of Braving the Brew and Rich Castagna, founder of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery.

Pickle Shack, Gowanus


By Meredith Heil There are some bars that begin as rumors, mere whisperings amongst beer savvy friends and  industry enthusiasts, subtle hints as to when and where the alleged joint will pop up. Pickle Shack – Dogfish Head founder and craft beer rockstar Sam Calagione’s newest Brooklyn-based outpost – was one of those bars. Pickle Shack is a [...]