Anyone brewed the White House beer?

Check out this New York Times story about Garrett Oliver experimenting with the White House homebrew recipe. According to Oliver, the beer “is not without complexity, and it’s an interesting, broad sort of bitterness… it’s perfectly balanced.”

Homebrewers out there: have you made the White House beer? What do you think?


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A Chat With Garrett Oliver

Last week I had the chance to talk to Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, at The Gate in Park Slope during a special Brooklyn Brewery beer night where he was mingling with patrons. He and I discussed Dark Matter, a two-year-old brown ale aged in bourbon barrels.

With demand for barrel aged beers like Dark Matter and Black Ops (left) so high, Oliver said the brewery is looking to expand its barrel aging facilities. Its recent expansion will eventually bring their production up tenfold to 120,000 barrels, but the brewery is also looking for additional space in either Williamsburg or Greenpoint where beer temperature can be carefully controlled. I hope they find a place soon – Sarah and I would love to see more beers like Black Ops from Brooklyn Brewery.

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