Map Room: Local Bar with Large Selection and Attitude

Chicago, IL—

Map Room offers a wide and in some cases obscure selection of brews. The bar carries one beer on beer engine in addition to a large number on tap. The most common order on this lazy Sunday afternoon was the Strongbow Cider but a slightly too cold and quickly poured Charles Wells Bombardier English bitter also fit the bill (after a few minutes to warm).

Map Room takes its name from the maps covering the majority of the walls. The maps combined with tables decorated with foreign currency and shelves of National Geographic magazines make the bar a fun one to examine. The worn feel and the offering of small free afternoon buffet makes it an attractive destination for the fall. The buffet consisted of ribs and sausage smothered in barbecue sauce, fried chicken, etc. The bar also makes coffee available from a local roaster. The bar was dominated by locals so don’t be surprised if you receive more than a few stares, especially if you are in a group larger than three.

For those looking for a bit of beer education, Map Room hosts Beer School once a month for $25 with Greg Browne the Brewmaster from Mickey Finn’s Brewery.


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