Belgian Beer Fest Part 1

May I say that this is my first post to BeerUnion and also my first blog post ever. In minutes I and my lovely girlfriend Ashley will be heading off to Belgian Beer Fest (Session 2) put on by down at the Cyclorama in Boston. I am very excited. Dozen of breweries, presenting hundreds of fine belgian beers will be attending. Some of which you cannot regularly purchase here in the USA- some breweries are here as special guests. Unlimited (albeit regulated) 2oz. pours served in, I hope, cute little belgian beer glasses. I will attempt to update BeerUnion from within the bowels of the Cyclorama, however I may be distracted/inebriated, as this is my first beer festival and I am not sure that I have the willpower to control my need to try EVERY beer they are serving (hundreds of beers x 2oz = A LOT OF PINTS). Wish us luck.


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