New Beer Distributor

Manhattan NY-

Reading through some beer blogs the other night I found a suggestion on beertography that New Beer Distributor was the best beer store in the city. With a slim selection of beer in the Bronx I have been relying heavily on the Whole Foods Beer Room on the corner of Houston and Chrystie for good beer and was surprised to find that just a few blocks south on Chrystie was New Beer Distributor.

Visually New Beer is the complete opposite of the Beer Room, it is dark and relatively hidden where the Beer Room is bright and stands out on a corner. Despite the darkness once you enter New Beer you know that the selection is superior to the Beer Room. At first I was slightly overwhelmed by simply the amount of beers. The beers are arranged by country with Germany, England and the United States occupying the most space. Perhaps the best part of the place is that there are quality brews from countries that are not traditionally associated with great brewing i.e. France and Italy.

Definitely worth the trip.



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