Alcatraz Brewing Company

Anaheim CA-

After spending much of the day at Disneyland, we decided to make the trip from our hotel to the Alcatraz Brewing Company. Alcatraz is a San Francisco themed brew pub with locations in Orange County CA and Indianapolis IN. The brewpub was complete with a reproduction of the Golden Gate Bridge. The experience was a bit odd since the place was largely empty and our party of two was seated at a round booth more suitable for ten.
We ordered a six beer sampling and our entusiastic waiter, John, was perfectly happy to supply us with all seven of their beers, which came with short explanations of their style and taste. I have to say I was a little disappointed in the selection:
“Search Light” a light beer
“Weiss Guy Wheat” an american style hefeweisen
“Gold Rush Steam” similar to Anchor Steam
“Big House Red” a red ale
“Drunken Uncle Dunkel” a dark Bavarian lager
“Blonde Bear Lager” a maibock
The seasonal was simply the Weiss Guy Wheat with apricot flavoring, which I found to be overly sweet. My dislike for maibocks continued with Blonde Bear Lager as the taste of alcohol was the predominant taste. I did however enjoy Gold Rush Steam and Big House Red. Big House Red was very malty with a noticeable chocolate aroma and taste. Our waiter immediately compared Gold Rush Steam to Anchor steam, which seemed to fit well but his description of the hop character helped me identify some of the more subtle flavors e.g. pine and juniper. I ended up ordering the Gold Rush Steam to have with my pulled pork and Sarah went for the Drunken Uncle Dunkel to have with her turkey sandwich.
Even though Giancarlo didn’t, and even though I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, I liked “Search Light.” There wasn’t much body to it, but it was refreshing. Overall, though, there was something missing from the choices at Alcatraz – the variety wasn’t good. I really wasn’t to crazy about any of the beers. Though I ordered the Dunkel, it was just OK. There wasn’t anything there I would get again.


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