Rogue Night at The Long Room

Thursday March 26 was Rogue Night at The Long Room on 44th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue. I found out about the event on where the event was incorrectly advertised as featuring 15 different beers from Rogue. In fact, there were only five different beers available. After this initial disappointment the night was quite enjoyable. The Long Room is, as the name suggests, a long room and has comfortable seating with several booths in the back. The prices were not bad considering the location. The Rogue beers were going for $7 a pint or $8 for a flight of four 4-ounce beers. Most beers on the menu ranged from $6.50 to $10. I’m glad we ate dinner before going since the food was expensive.

My friend Matt and I decided to start with a flight of Rogue. We both chose to have the Hazelnut Brown Nectar, Mogul Madness ale, Yellow Snow IPA, and Juniper Pale ale. Neither of us enjoyed the Juniper Pale ale; I was bothered by the spiciness of the juniper flavor which I thought was a bit overbearing. Although I am not a huge fan of IPAs, I thought the Yellow Snow was a pretty good example of the style. We both enjoyed the Mogul Madness and Hazelnut Brown Nectar. The Hazelnut Brown Nectar stood out for its smooth hazelnut flavor, which was well-balanced by the background malt flavors. We were surprised and skeptical by the claim that Mogul Madness had an aftertaste that lasted 15 seconds but the beer had robust malt character and full-mouth feel.



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