Tasting Weekend

A couple weekends ago I tried a bunch beers I hadn’t tried before. I started off with Monk’s Blood from 21st Amendment and Old Foghorn from Anchor Brewing. Having heard so much about Monk’s Blood and about the recent revival of interest in canned beers I made a trip to New Beer Distributor on Chystie St. I enjoyed the packaging which tells a fun tale of a couple of monks. The beer itself is pretty good although I wish that the $9.75 price tag was for six instead of four. It was a little boozy which I don’t usually like but it was good this time. The dominant flavor was the malty sweetness and you can definitely taste the vanilla.

Old Foghorn begins my renewed interest in barleywines. I had not had one in over a year and picked this one up for a reasonable $2.90 at New Beer. It was not as big as I remember Barleywines being. The ABV was 8.2% and the hop character was not as pronounced. The only drawback was the particulate matter that came through surprisingly early in the pour. I definitely recommend it for those of you interested in trying out barleywines.

Saturday I followed up with Full Moon barleywine at Heartland Brewery‘s South Street Sea Port location. This had a more pronounced citrus hop flavor but again not as big as I remember barleywines. After the barleywine we couldn’t help ourselves and went for Farmer Jon Oatmeal Stout (I think it is the best thing they have at heartland). Our waitress was kind enough to also give us a tasty sample of the honey porter. The stout was great and really got me excited for oatmeal stout night at Bar Great Harry’s in Brooklyn on Tuesday. We finished off the night at Zum Schneider on Avenue C and Seventh Street with a Hacker Pschorr Dunkel.


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