Lowlands Bar

This past Saturday, after going to the Score! Pop-Up Swap at BKLYN Yard, we headed over to Lowlands Bar on 3rd Avenue between 13th and 14th streets in Gowanus with a group of friends. It was our second time there and this time it was warm enough to make use of the back patio. The patio was perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon with plenty of shade and picnic tables. Lowlands in general has a fun, relaxed vibe with a solid, reasonably priced beer selection (most are $5-6). The, bar has rotated a few types in and out since we were last there to reflect demand and season. A few beers remained constant though: Goose Island IPA, Allagash White, Guinness and Spaten Optimator.

Giancarlo started off with a Kelso St. Gowanus, a nice blend of a Belgian Golden Ale and an American Pale Ale, and followed it up with the Troegs Sunshine Pils, which was perfect after a day in the heat. I couldn’t help myself and ordered a bucket of ponies (baby beers), because they’re so cute, and shared them with our friend Seth (of Gluten Free for C). I’m embarrassed to say that you don’t get great beer with these ponies. I had Budweiser, Miller Hi Life and Corona (at least I nixed the Bud Light Lime, right?).

For dinner we sampled from the selection of pressed sandwiches and wraps. Giancarlo went with the cuban, which was tasty, and paired it with a refreshing Allagash White. I had a turkey wrap with chipotle mayo, bacon and cheddar. The nice thing about the sandwiches at Lowlands is that you can order a half if you’re not feeling famished, which is what I did.

Lowlands also has a selection of board games to choose from that includes Battleship and Clue. We played a round of Yahtzee during our lazy afternoon. It was a good day at the bar. We can’t wait to live closer so we can go there more often.

-Sarah (and Giancarlo)

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