Rock Art Extreme ESB2 vs. Old Engine Oil

While in Philly we picked up a Rock Art Extreme ESB2 since we can’t find anything by Rock Art in New York. The hoppiness was upfront in the smell and overwhelmed most other flavors. The most noticeable hop flavors were citrus and pine, which went well with the sticky mouthfeel. The malt character seemed  almost unintelligible with some slight toasted flavor and was clearly not meant to stand up to the hop flavors.

Old Engine Oil from Harviestoun Brewery was on the other side of the spectrum. This was completely about the malt character. The beer is inky black with a slight tan head. The mouthfeel was a full but not too thick and the aroma very roasty. Chocolate, coffee, and sweetness came through strong. I really enjoyed Old Engine Oil and will definitely have it again.


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