Founders Tasting

On July 6 Sarah and I went to our first Tuesday night tasting at Jimmy’s No. 43. As it was a Founders tasting night, we got to taste six of the brewery’s beers: Centennial IPA, Red’s Rye Pale Ale, Dirty Bastard, Porter, Devil Dancer, and KBS. KBS was clearly our favorite, but the porter was also delicious. It was inky black with a tan head. The aroma was roasty and chocolately. There was a distinct bitterness and hop character that was unexpected from the smell. There were also coffee notes and a bit of a smokey flavor. In terms of the IPAs, we liked the Centennial more since it was more balanced than the triple IPA Devil Dancer. The hop flavors seemed to be muddled in the Devil Dancer and was a little too piney for us. Red’s Rye was one of the better Ryes that I’ve had and several people at the tasting commented that it was their favorite.

Both the KBS and the Dirty Bastard were from bottles. We had previously heard that bottled KBS was over carbonated but this wasn’t. We asked the distributor, who was giving the tasting, about his recommendations for aging bottles of KBS and he said 4-5 years (our hearts sank a little at this news, because we’ve got four bottles aging, and we don’t want to wait four years to drink them!). The Dirty Bastard was still delicious but had a little bit of a metallic taste. We love Founders

– Giancarlo

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