Meet the Brewer: Pretty Things Beer and Ales Project

Last Wednesday night Sarah and I went to Bierkraft on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope for one of the Craft Beer Week “meet the brewer” events. Wednesday focused on the Pretty Things Beer and Ales Project, a “nomad brewer” run by Dann Paquette and Martha Holley-Paquette. Despite not owning their own brewery, Pretty Things boasts that they do all their own brewing at breweries that they rent instead of contract brewing. 

While a crowd of us tasted beer, the brewers explained everything from mixing yeast strains to brewing practices and history. We tasted: American Darling, Jack d’or, St. Botolph’s, Hedgerow Bitter, and Baby Tree. Each beer showed the pair’s passion for bringing European styles and techniques to America. Their presentation highlighted an interest in the older breweries of Europe instead of the American breweries that seek to push boundaries. I am especially excited to look for some of their “once upon a time” series that recreates historical brews. Dann made his priority with this series clear when he said, “if we have the choice to make historically accurate crap beer or deviating and making better beer, we are going to choose the historically accurate path.”
– Giancarlo
Generally, a crappy photo, but you get the picture. Note Dann’s slammin’ mustache, which has since been shaved.

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