Holy Molé! Rogue’s Offerings at the Chile Pepper Fiesta

On Saturday Giancarlo and I went over to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for its annual Chile Pepper Fiesta, a celebration of all things spicy. Of course, we wandered into the beer area, where Rogue was offering its chipotle ale and chocolate stout (you could also get a bowl of chili).

Giancarlo got the chipotle ale, while I got the chocolate stout. You know I can’t resist a stout, in any shape or form. The stout was smooth and delicious, not too bitter – just how I like it. For me, the chipotle ale was a bit too spicy. But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it? Anyway, after we had polished off half of our beers, we combined the two for a “holy molé,” which we could have ordered, but preferred to mix ourselves. That was good too.

But the chocolate stout was my favorite.

– Sarah


  1. thanks for posting your Rogue experience at the Chili Fiesta! I was there for the 2nd year and loved the feedback about the Hole Mole’ beer blend from the folks at the festival and online! i’ve posted several beer cocktail and blends on my blog, check it out and join me for the journey ~ sebbie

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