Grand Cru Rhinebeck

Beer Union recently gathered in Rhinebeck, NY. We were happy to hear from our friend who lives in the small town that he frequents a top notch beer store, Grand Cru, which turned out to be more than I had hoped for.

The store had a great selection with a large amount of New York beers. Among the beers we picked up was KK from Pretty Things. We had just heard about this newest beer in their “Once Upon a Time” series, a hoppy black ale based on a 1901 English recipe, and had to grab it.

Grand Cru fills growlers with their rotating taps. There were five or six beers on tap that weekend, including KK and Ommegang Cup O Kyndness. The prices were good and the staff knowledgeable (they even make trips up to Troy to get beer from Brown’s brewery, which we love). Unlike regular beer stores, you can enjoy a pint sitting at a table by the front windows, and choose from a wide selection of cheeses.

– Giancarlo

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