Brew Day in Brooklyn: Pumpkin Dubbel

For our first brew since moving to Brooklyn, we decided to try another recipe from Brooklyn Brewshop, choosing a Pumpkin Dubbel, perfect for the season. Instead of Belgian candi sugar, which most dubbelrecipes call for, this one called for two cups of fresh pumpkin and 1/4 cup of light brown sugar. Since we were going to be carving a pumpkin with some friends at Lowlands Bar, it worked out perfectly – we just harvested the guts from our jack-o-lantern.

The stringy core was separated from the seeds (which Sarah toasted with some salt)  the pumpkin/sugar mixture was roasted for an hour. We added half to the mash and the other half to the boil. The other boil additions were cinnamon, cloves, hallertau and saaz hops.

Pumpkin and brown sugar. Doesn't look so appetizing.

After the boil we had a bit of an issue getting the wort into our glass jug, since pumpkin pulp kept clogging our funnel. Eventually we got it in but had to pull out some of the pulp. I am excited to see how strong the pumpkin flavor will be. Our goal is to have the beer ready for Thanksgiving. It may still be a little young by then but we will give it a try anyway.

– Giancarlo

This was the first brew that I’ve really gotten into. I’ve come into brewing a couple of years later than Giancarlo and up until this point I’ve supported it, but mostly on the drinking end (it’s been hard for me to get over the mess factor). But I felt connected to this beer and am really excited to see how it turns out.

We bottled it a few days ago – we’ll see what happens!

– Sarah

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