Good Beer NYC

Recently I’ve made a couple of trips to Good Beer NYC on East Ninth Street. The store is beautiful, with well stocked and organized shelves. Not only can you choose from a large selection of bottles but they have beer on tap for growler fills or pints that you can enjoy in the store with some of their food.

On my first visit I got a growler fill of Brooklyn Brewery’s Cuvee Noire that they had the first week they were open. The owner, David Cichowicz, enthusiastically spoke with customers about the beer on tap, especially the Cuvee Noire, which he was “blown away by.” (As was predicted, Sarah and I enjoyed the nuttiness that went along with the sweetness. Chocolate and caramel came through with the noticeable Belgian yeast flavors.)

The store has since received a good deal of attention from bloggers like Brew York, New York and even The New York Times. I was just looking to kill some time when I stopped by the second time and was impressed by how busy the store was. All of the tables were full and there was a small line at the register.

Good Beer regularly updates its tap list on its Facebook page.


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