Founders Imperial Stout

In case you don’t know, my favorite style of beer is the imperial stout. Our favorite brewery is Founders Brewing Co. Until this morning, I didn’t realize Founders made an imperial stout. But Giancarlo, being the wonderful man that he is, upon seeing a four-pack at Glen Cove Beer Distributors on Long Island, snapped it up for me us.

I may be biased, because I’m of the opinion that Founders doesn’t make bad beer, but this beer is very good. You can smell the coffee before you take a sip, and though it is bitter, it’s still smooth. The bitterness calms down a bit as you get through the glass. It’s roasty with dark chocolate notes. Really, everything I want in an imperial stout. Nice job, Founders.

We’ve had two beers and are keeping the other two in the aging cabinet. They will be very hard to resist.

– Sarah

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