Sorachi Ace and Fried Shrimp

On Saturday I tried my hand at pairing food and beer. I was visiting my parents on Long Island, and for dinner we made some fried shrimp with parsley and pecorino cheese.

I initially thought Saison du Pont would be nice because of its slight spiciness and effervescent mouthfeel. Unfortunately Glen Cove Beer Distributor did not have Saison du Pont so I gave Sorachi Ace a try. Sorachi Ace is a Brooklyn Brewery farmhouse ale made with Sorachi hops. Since it was my first experience with Sorachi hops it may not have been the best idea to try it. The hop character did overpower the shrimp a little bit but it wasn’t a complete failure. There was a spiciness that went well with the pecorino flavors.

– Giancarlo


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