The Search Continues for KBS

March 15 didn’t turn out to be the resounding success I had hoped. I envisioned myself strolling home with a couple bottles of Founders KBS after possibly enjoying a Kelso tasting at Bierkraft. Alas, it was not to be.

Getting out of work after 6 p.m. certainly did not help my chances at nabbing a bottle of KBS. By the time I made it to Bierkraft, Kelly Taylor was wrapping up the tasting, which had apparently featured some delicious barrel aged beer. Unfortunately there were no bottles of KBS hiding for me on the shelves so I made my way to Brooklyn Beer and Soda only to find they had not received any. This weekend we will be heading out to Long Island and hope to find some at Glen Cove Beer Distributor (where we found the four bottles of 2010 KBS that are sitting in our cabinet).

While I wasn’t able to get some KBS, it wasn’t a complete failure of a night. I found out that Kelso plans to open a tasting room this year that will be open on Saturdays (no pints yet because of licensing). I also grabbed some Murphy’s Stout and a pack of 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood at Brooklyn Beer and Soda.

For more on Kelso’s barrel aged beers check out

– Giancarlo

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