Witbier tasting at Bierkraft

After a busy couple of months during which I wasn’t able to get back to Brooklyn early enough for Bierkraft tastings, I was able to go this week. We sampled five witbiers from around the world. The range was quite impressive. Some were exactly what people have come to expect from the style: refreshing, light bodied, and citrusy. Others showcased some real creativity. Hitachino added 5% orange juice to its offering, changing the mouthfeel while keeping the citrus flavors. The most surprising was Ithaca’s Double White, which the brewery sours using cultures from a previous batch that had soured accidentally. The result was a tart version of a witbier at 8% ABV.

Here was the lineup for the night:

Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Beer, San Diego CA

Blanche de Bruxelles, Belgium

Bruton di Bruton, Italy

Hitachino White Ale, Japan

Ithaca Double White, Ithaca NY

– Giancarlo

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