Midas Touch and Belgica

This weekend we went over to American Beer Distributor on Court Street in Cobble Hill this weekend to grab some beers. We picked up a couple bottles of Dogfish Head Midas Touch and Great Divide Brewing Company Belgica. We’ve been wanting to try Midas Touch for a while since the recipe is derived from material discovered on drinking vessels at an archaeological site thought to be connected with King Midas. The ale is made with honey, white muscat grapes and saffron. The honey and the grape flavors are definitely noticeable but the saffron didn’t come through as strongly. The beer has a significant sweetness but it is balanced by some lively carbonation. Belgica is described as a Belgian Style India Pale Ale with a combination of Beglian yeast and American hops. We enjoyed the spicy background that the yeast supplied behind the hop character. It was a nice change to see more yeast flavors in an IPA. We’d definitely recommend both for coming summer.


  1. Hey Guys! I love the MIDAS. I think that the saffron does a good job of mellowing the taste of the muscat. I love the “crispness” of the beer due to the carbination.
    Thanks for the insight on the Belgica, I look foward to trying it.

    • Cheers to you! Dogfish did a good job keeping Midas balanced, as each of the special ingredients could have pushed it too far in one direction. We’ve also really enjoyed Samurai and Yeti from Great Divide.

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