Sixpoint Nano Kegs (Cans)

Sixpoint just released four canned beers – The Crisp, Bengali Tiger IPA, Sweet Action and Righteous Rye – continuing a trend in the craft beer world. This release has gained a lot of positive press in the past few weeks from blogs like Brew York, New York and even the New York Times.

Breweries have emphasized the advantages cans have over bottles in recycling, shipping, and protecting beer. Thanks to Sixpoint’s impressive campaign on Twitter to inform followers when and where cans would be available on release day – Tuesday –  it was easy for us to find some. Since we hadn’t had it before, we picked up a four-pack of The Crisp, which we found at the Food Emporium on Third Avenue in the Upper East Side.

Even more exciting than the cans themselves is the prospect of having some Sixpoint beer at home without having to find a place to fill a growler, then drink the entire growler. The Crisp is indeed quite crisp with all the fine qualities of a fairly sessionable pilsner: grassy, subtle but noticeable hop bitterness and light body. We look forward to trying the other canned beers to see how they compare to Sixpoint on draft.

If you’re looking to find some you can check out a list of stores.

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