Why we love…Brooklyn Beer and Soda

The Prospect Heights/Crown Heights area may need more craft beer options but it’s got a great craft beer store in Brooklyn Beer and Soda. It resembles other beer distributors that don’t fuss about appearance and instead focus on selection. Thanks to its location on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights the store is rarely packed and you can often find some hidden gems that were snatched up at the more buzzed about craft beer stores (we have recently picked up some Founders Nemesis 2010 and Brooklyn Black Ops, among others).

In addition to a large selection of domestic craft beers, the store can match the imported craft selection of most of its peers. There are sixteen rotating taps for growler fills and the staff always makes sure to properly rinse and fill your growler. For those nearby the store is open until 12 a.m. on weekends so you can replenish your beer supply while the party is still going.

We also love Brooklyn Beer and Soda because it’s our neighborhood beer store. We had to give it a shout.

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