Marco Island Brewery

Wherever we are, we always try to sample the local beer options. So being on Marco Island, we went to the Marco Island Brewery, which we learned opened last September. Currently they offer three beers brewed in house: a pilsner, a red ale and a Belgian wheat. We both got a flight of these three beers and a Cigar City oatmeal stout – an excellent oatmeal stout with vanilla flavors.

To us, the Marco Island beers seemed to be somewhat one-note. The best of the three was the Belgian wheat, except – as you’ll see from the picture – it was served with an orange wedge in it. You’ll also observe that the red ale wasn’t really red. To supplement their house beers, they have a solid bottle and tap list. We couldn’t resist a Bells Two-Hearted Ale, which we aren’t able to get in New York and we love.

Left to right: Belgian wheat, pilsner, red ale, Cigar City oatmeal stout

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