BeerUnion Tours the Brooklyn Brewery

We’ve lived in New York City for three years now. And Thursday was the first time we’d been to the Brooklyn Brewery. As beer bloggers, this is unacceptable (maybe when we lived in the Bronx it was excusable, but since we moved to Brooklyn, definitely not).

So when, during the press preview for NY Craft Beer Week, a tour of the brewery and its new expansion was offered, we were on board. As has been widely reported, the expansion will greatly increase brewing and packaging capacity. (Interestingly enough, according to tour guide Carla Villa, the space they expanded into was at one time a matzah factory.) Currently all twelve-ounce bottles and cans are brewed and packaged up at FX Matt Brewery in Utica, NY. The plan is to increase production of specialty beers and eventually move the brewing of some seasonals to Brooklyn, said Villa.

The German-made brewing equipment is being installed in stages (currently in phase two). The most visually stunning part of tour was when we saw the new fermentation tanks installed in the phase two area. As you will see from the photo (second from the bottom), they’re huge. They will allow Brooklyn Brewery much more flexibility than the old system and increase production eventually to the 120,000 barrel level. That’s a lot of beer!

Behold: a BeerUnion tour of the brewery.

The bar.

The original brew house space

Original fermentation tanks

Our tour guide, Carla Villa

Italian-made filtration system (on the right)

Kegging line

Awesome German-made fermenters

Monster, again. We just couldn't help ourselves.


  1. I love this cat — is he famous? I already have a favorite famous cat (Maru from youtube, I’m sure you know), but I very much enjoy seeing this Monster’s face.

    • We got to try Radius from Brooklyn’s Brewmaster’s Reserve series. It was a great belgian light ale that was very sessionable at 4.8% ABV.

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