‘Welcome to the hurricane party.’

This weekend our good friends got married in Albany. It was a fantastic wedding (the only one we’ve ever been to that didn’t have any macro beer, by the way), in a barn, with paper lanterns, wildflowers and great music.

We figured that by leaving the city, we’d escape Irene. Not so much. The morning after the wedding, reality set in that we were going to be staying in Albany longer than we anticipated. With flooding all around us and the Thruway closed, we sat in our hotel lobby feeling slightly lost, until we heard that – hooray! – a pub was open. McGeary’s – just around the corner.

“Welcome to the hurricane party,” we were greeted as we walked up to the door. What didn’t look so promising from the outside turned out to be wonderous: Brown’s Brewing Co. beer was on tap. Brown’s, located in Troy, doesn’t distribute downstate, so it’s a special treat when we get to drink these brews.

Two oatmeal stouts and a whiskey porter later, the storm didn’t matter so much. We were safe, our families and friends were safe – and we had just had some damn good beer.

Delicious, sessionable, silky oatmeal stout

Roasty, smooth whiskey porter

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