Founders Blushing Monk

As many of you know, we are big fans of Founders Brewing Co. beers. Recently they started a Backstage series of 750 ml bottles and we were very excited. The first in the series was Blushing Monk, which they had apparently brewed as a one-off beer back in 2007.

We were surprised by just how red the beer was – almost like a red wine – and by the short-lived pink head on it. The beer was dominated in both smell and taste by the raspberries used in fermentation. It smells as though you’re putting your face in a basket of fully ripe, fresh raspberries. While the taste was definitely defined by the raspberries, it didn’t have the tartness we usually associate with the fruit. The 9.2% ABV was essentially unnoticeable with the sweetness. We had never had a beer like it but we look forward to more beers with such intense fresh fruit flavors.

The next beer in the Backstage series is Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS), which they expect to release later this year.

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