Why Rich Loves…Mission Delores

A long delayed love letter to Mission Delores: Park Slope’s (not-so) newly popular drinking spot, a solid reason to visit the positively NOT industrial Fourth Avenue. Excellent placement with nearby businesses Rock Shop (which opened soon after MD) and Oaxaca couldn’t be better. Since moving to the Slope, Delores has become my favorite bar, period. A chill atmosphere and superb beer selection are obvious highlights – but there are a lot of soft factors going to the California-inspired establishment as well:

STAFF: Knowledgeable and friendly, with a penchant for conversation.

PINBALL: LoTR and Indy? Yes please. Anything functional in the shape of a gun works for me (i.e. the trigger of the Indy game fires your balls). Warning: drinking seven pints and then telling strangers that “the blood of Numénor is all but spent” is a possibility.

DOGS: You can bring ’em. If you don’t like ’em, there is enough space (esp. outdoor) that they will not get in your way. A fine segue to…

SPACE: Hip, trendy, etc. Nice architectural flourish of random wood hallway that you can sit in and feel like you’re in a Viking longhall, plus a massive courtyard which is perfect in summertime with a pitcher of Arrogant Bastard (do not buy and drink two of these unless you’re committed). Topped off with the bar space itself, which is large and has many wooden tables strewn about in a highly configurable fashion (the staff are amenable to modifying this configuration – especially for events, etc).

BABIES: Babies are terrified of pinball, and therefore are never present.

FOOD: None, but again it’s located in a highly delicious area.

PRICE: Reasonable. A someone who walks by almost every day, they have frequent happy hours, drink specials, pitchers, Bloody Mary’s or something similar all the dang time.

In sum, a fine place to while away the afternoon, get a bit sloppy in a congenial atmosphere, and then gorge yourself on chicken molé tacos. Conveniently only one R stop from Atlantic-Pacific, which means you can drunkenly get anywhere or find yourself in Bay Ridge at 3 a.m. I highly recommend.

By our friend, and frequent drinking companion, Richard Leahy

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