Our Guide to Fall Seasonals

We were recently asked to recommend a list of fall seasonals (pumpkin beers in particular) to help some of our readers prepare. Even though summer isn’t technically over, the weather seems to be changing and we thought it would be a good time to share five seasonals we are most excited for:

Founders Breakfast Stout It may not be a pumpkin ale, but it is seasonal and it is delicious. Big, roasty, chocolaty, and full of coffee, this Breakfast Stout sets the standard for us in the style (it is also the base for KBS and CBS). Definitely worth having fresh or stowing away for a fall or winter in the future. We also enjoy the label.

Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale A great pumpkin background and some assertivespices make this beer perfect for a chilly fall afternoon. At 5% ABV it is a bit more sessionable than some of the other beers on the list so you won’t have to worry about having a few while roasting root vegetables or watching football.

New Holland Ichabod The appearance and smell of Ichabod immediately makes you think of fall. It’s copper with a fluffy white head. The mix of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg gives the beer a classic smell that follows through in the taste.

Victory Festbier It isn’t a pumpkin beer but it’s a great American example of the Märzen seasonal brewed for thefamous Oktoberfest celebrated in Germany (and pretty much throughout the beer drinking world) at the end of September. It has a deliciously sweet nutty taste that finishes with some refreshing dryness. A great way to celebrate the harvest season.

Sixpoint Autumnation We haven’t had it yet but since we heard about it on Brew York, New York we have had our ears and eyes open for it. It’s a canned, wet hopped pumpkin ale – what could be more seasonal? (We are in the very short hop harvest season, when fresh or wet-hopped beers can be brewed.)


  1. Wonderful! This list cements my decision to booze and carve this year. Pumpkins better watch out. (and people also, probably.)

  2. Thanks! My mouth is watering.

    The Ichabod sounds amazing. It would be great to bake or cook with. A cup for the recipe, a cup for me!

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