Bringing Brewing Back to the Bronx

It’s no big secret that the Bronx isn’t a beer destination for NYC. You pretty much get your brews from the bodegas, the gas stations and the dive bars. Chris Gallant and Damian Brown are trying to change that.

Chris Gallant (left) and Damian Brown

After six months raising funds, they were able to open up the Bronx Brewery in March, and just brewed their first batch of their first beer last month. It was released in bars in NYC a couple of weeks ago. You can find it on tap at Rattle N Hum, Cafe D’Alsace, Amity Hall, and of course in the Bronx at the Bronx Ale House and Bruckner Bar and Grill (full list here).

“We’re trying to ease the Bronx into beer,” said Chris, who used to work for Heineken in Brazil. “Our eventual goal is to build a working brewery.”

Right now they’re contract brewing in Connecticut at Cottrell Brewing Company and self-distributing. “We want to make a point to try to talk to people about the beer,” Damian said. They plan to bring malt and hop samples to tastings, to help educate beer drinkers about what contributes to beer flavors.

Damian, a brewer for the past nine years who trained at the UC Davis Master Brewers Program, crafted the recipe for their first beer – a pale ale.

While we’ve had a lot of pale ales over the years, we have yet to come across one quite like this. It has great floral and citrus aromas in the nose thanks to the Cascade and Centennial hop additions. They obviously did some significant hopping but the bitterness doesn’t assault the palate, and is balanced out by a nice biscuity malt character (from the Maris Otter malt).

We are quite impressed by this beer, it’s nicely sessionable and goes down easy. We look forward to seeing what brews these guys come up with next.

A long term goal? “Being able to say that we’ve brought brewing back to the Bronx,” said Damian. Sounds good to us.

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