Beer Cocktail Party at Taproom No. 307

Beer and liquor? Mixed together? We were a little skeptical when we heard about the beer cocktail party event at Taproom No. 307 for NY Beer Week, but we thought we’d give it a shot. Turns out, beer and liquor can live together in harmony.

Using beers from Ithaca Beer Co. Taproom’s beer sommelier Hayley Jensen created some interesting flavors, with whimsical names. Our favorites were the “Nut N’ Coffee” and the “Fruity Flutey.” The Nut N’ Coffee was a mix of Ithaca Nut Brown, Patron Cafe, and Brooklyn Vodka. It was quite creamy with a hint of coffee, reminding us of a nice milk stout. The Fruity Flutey combined Ithaca Apricot Wheat with a splash of Chambord and an orange twist. The apricot flavor was strong, nicely complemented by the other flavors, making for a well-balanced cocktail.

Two Fruity Fluteys and a Nut N' Coffee

One of the more intense (and polarizing) cocktails was the “Dry Hopped Negroni,” made with Farmer’s Organic Gin, sweet vermouth, campari and hops. The hop flavors were overpowering on the back of the palate, definitely too much for us. We also tried the “Island Gold,” with Ithaca White Gold beer, malt-soaked pineapple, lime, basil and ginger beer. This cocktail was very gingery and citrusy, a bit overpowering.

Island Gold (left) and the Dry-Hopped Negroni

We would definitely have those first two cocktails again, maybe even try our hand at mixing them.

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