Let’s Get Duck’d Up

As NY Craft Beer Week draws to a close, we thought it would be appropriate to stop in at one of our favorite places, Cafe D’Alsace, and experience the Duck’d Up beer pairing menu they have been serving up all week. Beer Sommelier Gianni Cavicchi did not disappoint – each pairing was spot on.

He started us off with a Petrus Aged Pale, which is was aged in wood barrels for at least a year. It was a great start with a nice sour nose (almost like a Gueze) and a tart finish that prepared the palate nicely.

For the appetizers we had Duck in a Blanket, duck sausage (you all know how we feel about that duck sausage) in a puff pastry paired with Kelso’s bourbon barrel aged Recesionator and Poutine D’Alsace, frites with cheese, duck, and a slightly sweet gravy paired with Mc Chouffe. The sausage was, of course, delicious and earthy which paired well with the strong bourbon flavors in the Kelso. The Poutine D’Alsace was decadently rich which went well with the dark fruit flavors and slight spiciness of the Mc Chouffe.

Duck in a Blanket

Poutine D'Alsace

For our second course we both had the duck confit over risotto with fava beans and vegetables (we can’t resist risotto) that was paired with Goose Island Sofie, a Belgian style farmhouse ale. It was another rich dish with the fatty, tender duck and creamy risotto but it contrasted very well with the brightness and effervescence of the Sofie.

For dessert, a tulip beer glass full of cookies, ice cream and berries, paired with Greenport Black Duck Porter (a fantastic porter on its own). This was just what we wanted from our last course, creaminess and tartness in the dessert against the roasted flavors of the porter (no espresso required).

We finished off the night with The Bronx Brewery Pale Ale – it’s on tap at the restaurant – which continues to impress everyone we meet with its balance and great flavors. Brewery owners Chris and Damian were on hand to discuss the event and the beers.

Bronx Brewery Pale Ale

A fantastic evening with delicious food, and even better beer, to finish off our beer week.


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