Thanksgiving Beer Guide

We’re not going to be in the U.S. for Thanksgiving, but we thought it would be nice to put together a guide ahead of time for some great beers that would be perfect for this fall holiday. (Beer spa post is forthcoming!)

Many of the beers from our Fall Guide would be great for Thanksgiving but are disappearing from shelves. Here are a few beers easily available in NYC beer stores:

Ommegang BPA – This Belgian Pale Ale gets rave reviews with good reason. Ommegang’s Belgian yeast gives a distinct spice note to go alongside the solid hop character. There is enough subtly to the beer that it won’t overpower some moist turkey. The nice dryness should help lift some  heaviness of traditional Thanksgiving dishes like stuffing and mashed potatoes off the palate.

The Breuery Autumn Maple – This beer has some of the spice that pumpkin ales tend to have (allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg) but uses yams instead of pumpkin. The yams end up giving a more subtle flavor that lets the maple and molasses shine through. We were impressed that The Breuery was able to keep this beer from being too sticky sweet (we give credit to the Belgian yeast).

Founders Brewing Co. Porter – Founders Porter is one hell of an easy drinking, chocolately, roasty porter year round but it gets even better when the weather becomes chilly. It won’t overpower your meal and at 6.5% ABV it can warm you up a little without it being too noticeable for your family.

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