Helping Me to Remember

This evening I opened our mailbox to find a (handmade?) Valentine’s card with a beer journal tucked inside from my dear friend Hanna. As she notes, this combines two of my great loves: beer and adorable little notebooks. She knows me well. What she doesn’t know, however, is that I have a difficult time remembering the beers I drink. Giancarlo, on the other hand, has an unfailing memory, and oftentimes when people will ask me if I’ve had a certain beer, I’ll say no, only to have him tell them I actually have. So this beer notebook – 33 Bottles of Beer – is perfect for me. Also timely, considering that just the other day I was in a bookstore grumbling to myself about how there were plenty of wine journals but no beer journals. Thanks, Hanna!

– Sarah


  1. It was handmade! I had thought that, since you are partial to tiny notebooks and the subject matter, you might have already found one like it — I am very glad to be wrong and so happy you like it!

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