We Survived the aPORKalypse

This weekend the Get Real NY team held its latest festival, aPORKalypse Now. Ten chefs prepared 10 locally-sourced pigs to pair with plenty of excellent beer from local breweries.

We tasted a lot of beer but of course there were a few standouts for us. Some local breweries really stepped up for this event with standout beers to complement the local pork. Chris and Damian from the Bronx Brewery brought a version of their pale ale that had been barrel aged. This might have been our favorite beer of the night. The pale ale brought its normal biscuity character with the hop flavors balanced out by the bourbon and oak.

We had the Brooklyn Brewery‘s Irish Stout, which was a great local rendition of the classic style. Kelso served their Rauch Bier on cask, a brilliant move for the style since it left some extra sweetness on the palate to counter the smokiness. Dogfish Head‘s Noble Rot was among the most unique beers of the event (it is a blend of beer and wine).

For those interested in the evolution of sour beers, Rodenbach’s Barrel Aged Ales from 2007 and 2009 were available for side by side comparison. The 2009 brought a delightfully puckering tartness while the 2007 was much smoother and understated. Southern Tier‘s Choklat, which smelled and tasted just like chocolate milk, was a great choice given the food.

Just as good as the beer was the food. Pulled pork, pork terrine, pork meatballs, pork sausage… we ate a lot of pork. One of the most memorable bites we ate happened to be the first, and stuck with us all afternoon – Alewife‘s smoked almond macaron with a chocolate bacon ganache. A little chewy, with a hint of bacon, like nothing we’ve ever tried. When we went back to get another, they were all gone.

Another standout was the offering from L’Artusi (though there were so many elements on the plate, we had to wait about 15minutes to get it): pork loin, anduja and pork meatballs.

Competing for our favorite snack of the event was Alobar’s maple bacon popcorn – a perfect addition to the festival. Just enough bacon and maple flavor to be so delicious, one of us hoarded the bag (we won’t say who). And to make it even more awesome, a recipe card was given out with each portion.

Needless to say, we left our session pretty satisfied.

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