A Visit to Peekskill Brewery

On a recent Saturday afternoon (St. Patrick’s Day) we headed up to visit Peekskill Brwery on Metro North with Matt and Emily Garland of Tapped Craft Beer Events.

The brewery is conveniently located across the street from the train station and boasts a surprisingly wide variety of beers for such a small operation. Their new brewmaster Jeff “Chief” O’Neil has brewed a perfect lineup for the spring with a saison, a balanced pale ale, and a citrusy IPA. We were impressed with the Zeitgeist Berliner Weisse, a refreshing 3.5% ABV full of lemon flavors and a pleasant sour note.

We also enjoyed a new Irish Breakfast Stout that was nicely balanced with great roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors and a manageable 5.7% ABV. The food was mostly standard pub fare, a tasty way to soak up the beers from the afternoon.

Kara and Morgan Berardi, two of the owners of Peekskill

Sisters-in-law Morgan and Kara Berardi, two of the owners of the brewery were kind enough to show us around. Right now the capacity is maxed out, but the brewery will soon get a major upgrade when it moves down the street to a four-story building. The first floor of the new building will house the brewhouse, while patrons will be able to enjoy beers on the upper floors – including the roof. We were especially excited to hear that the new brewery will include capacity to start draft distribution in New York City and also brew some sour beers.

Peekskill's new digs

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