Bronx Brewery Releases Bourbon Barrel Aged Pale Ale

Last night at Cafe D’Alsace the Bronx Brewery released a variant of their Pale Ale, aged in bourbon barrels. As usual, the pale ale was on tap, but they also had it on cask.

The bourbon barrel aged pale ale is one of the best barrel aged beers we’ve had. Aged for three months in Woodford American oak barrels, it wasn’t too hot, with just enough vanilla and woody flavors that don’t overwhelm the delicacy of the pale ale. Less carbonated than the traditional pale ale, the beer has a great roundness to it.

Bronx Pale Ale on cask (left) and draft

On cask, the pale ale was served a little too cold, but when it warmed up it brought out some great aromas. It had much more of a sweet malt character than the non-cask version. We think this would be a great beer to introduce people to cask ales, because it had enough natural carbonation to keep it from seeming flat – a common complain from people who don’t care for cask ales.

The pale ale on draft was, of course, well-balanced between assertive American hops and bready English malts. It had a great dryness with a nice bite on the back end. We loved tasting the different varieties of this beer, experiencing the nuances in each. We’re excited to try what the Bronx Brewery comes up with next, especially more barrel aged beers.

Bronx Brewery GM Chris Gallant and Brewer Damian Brown


  1. My mom used to have a big barrel she used as a side table in our living room. Turns out I should have made beer in it!

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