Brooklyn Beer and Soda’s New Location

The Prospect Heights/Crown Heights beer selection took a bit of a hit in January when our beloved Brooklyn Beer and Soda left for the Prospect Lefferts Garden neighborhood with essentially no announcement (we didn’t realize until we went some several weeks afterward). While we can no longer stroll over to the store it turns out to only be a short ride on the Franklin Avenue shuttle, as it’s almost literally across the street from the Prospect Park stop.

The new location is also in a bare bones industrial space like the original. It may not look like much but craft beer enthusiasts in the area should make use of their great selection.

Brooklyn Beer and Soda remains one of the best places to get craft beer in the area just east of Prospect Park. In addition to a solid draft line up for growler fills, the store often has hidden gems that are quickly snatched up at more well-known beer stores. Our recent trip yielded a bottle of Dogfish 75 Minute, and amazingly, a bottle of Founders KBS almost a month after its release (unheard of for a beer that usually sells out on its release date).

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