10 Breweries in NYC Combine to Form Guild

Well this is an exciting announcement. New York City breweries Bronx Brewery, Brooklyn Brewery, Chelsea Brewing Co., Eataly Birreria, Harlem Brewing Co., Heartland Brewing Co., KelSo Beer Company, Shmaltz Brewing Co., Sixpoint Brewery and 508 GastroBrewery have combined to form the New York City Brewers Guild (NYCBG), with a mission to “advance the local brewing industry and thereby lessen human misery.”

There will be a founders bash to celebrate this collaboration on May 22 at the Brooklyn Brewery. It will be an evening of rare and obscure beers from each of the 10 inaugural brewers.

The Guild will also be taking over the leadership of New York Craft Beer Week from Josh Schaffner, who founded it in 2008. NYCBG will announce a new date for the Fifth Annual NYC Craft Beer Week.

Details for the party on May 22 are at its Eventbrite page. Tickets are $75, but an additional $50 gets you membership in the Guild. Membership benefits include VIP access to official NYC Brewers Guild Events and VIP Tours and Tastings at Guild breweries and brewpubs.

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