A Visit to Keegan Ales

This weekend we visited our good friends Rhinebeck, and while we were there spent an afternoon at the Keegan Ales brewery in Kingston, about a 20-minute drive away. Greeted by a friendly bartender and patrons, we sampled a flight of all the Keegan beers: Old Capital, Hurricane Kitty, Mother’s Milk,  Joe Mama’s Milk and Black Eye.

Mother’s Milk (a milk stout brewed with lactose sugar) is a consistent beer we have enjoyed before. Jo Mama’s Milk is Mother’s Milk brewed with coffee and brown sugar (it tastes almost like a milkshake). We really liked this beer – the coffee flavor was great and not overpowering. Hurricane Kitty is Keegan’s tasty IPA, Black Eye is the brewery’s newest offering, a black IPA. Black eye navigated the boundary of roasted malt and strong hop character with finesse. The Citra hops were a perfect choice and makes this a fun mix of a new style and a relatively new hop variety (this beer was not possible ten years ago). We also revisted Old Capital – a sessionable American Blonde Ale at 4%, it was light and refreshing, perfect for a warm summer day.

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