Proletariat, East Village

You walk down St. Marks Street, giddy. “We’re going to a speakeasy!” you may say, way too loudly, to your companion. You approach the block and dont notice until its too late that you’ve passed Jane’s Sweet Buns. You were too excited. Playing it cool(er) this time, you backtrack and find it. You walk in. A tall, blond man sees you and opens the door to the bar, to the right of the counter.

You find out when you walk back to the depths that he’s Zach, the bartender. He automatically pours you two waters, which you appreciate, and leaves you the bottle. He asks you your story and what kind of beers you like. You’re a beer writer, you say, and you love sours. He looks down underneath the bar and makes some recommendations. He knows what he’s taking about. You first choose a Geuze Tilquin and slowly sip, tasting the sour apple notes. Zach comes by every now and then, chatting, offering you a couple beers to taste from. You finish with Bellegems Bruin, a dark flemish sour, another beer he’s recommended.

As you look around, you notice that when each group of customers comes in, Zach gives them the same attention, asking them what kind of beers they like, making suggestions. This is helpful, because there are almost no easily recognizable beers on the menu. You hear that all the conversation around you is about craft beer and think, This is a place I could come back to, again and again. 

Proletariat is at 102 St. Marks Pl., behind Jane’s Sweet Buns.


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