Sixpoint Lets Fans Choose Autumnation Hops

Last year Sixpoint Brewery created quite a buzz around Autumnation, their canned fall seasonal wet hopped and made with pumpkin. Sixpoint flew in freshly harvested (wet) hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington for the brew. In order to get the desired effect from the hops, wet hops usually need to be used within hours of harvest. This year Sixpoint is asking their fans to choose what hop variety to use in the brew on their website.

In case you haven’t tried many single hop beers or done some advanced homebrewing, Sixpoint has provided a description of the five possibilities:

Amarillo – Citrus fruit, sweet floral perfume. Moderate bittering.
Centennial – Subdued citrus, pine, strawberry. Moderate to high bittering.
– Intense pine, wild onion, garlic, pungent spice. Moderate bittering.
– Dank, citrus, funky, herbal. Low to moderate bittering.
– Passionfruit, guava, pine, grass. Moderate to high bittering.

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