Glassware: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

As far as beer enthusiasts, go, we don’t think we’re so bad. But we do insist on drinking our beers out of glasses. When given a bottle or can, we always ask for a glass, because in it you get the full aromas and tastes that come out of the brew.

The array of glasses can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to choose from. When we started our collection, these are the three we went with first:

Pint: The go-to, catch-all, glass. If you were to get one glass, this would be it. It’s for your pale ales, IPAs, brown ales, stouts, porters, pretty much anything that’s sessionable. The glass a nice thickness to it so the beer won’t get too warm from your hands. A necessity in every collection.

Weizen: For the wheat beer lover. Creates a lot of surface area for the yeasty aromas to come up, and gives the beer a nice frothy head.

Tulip: A fancy glass, for your fancy beers. Big, strong brews, like imperial stouts and double IPAs, tripels, quads, barleywines and sours can be imbibed from these glasses. There’s a stem for you to hold so that your hands won’t heat the glass and, in turn, the beer. Guaranteed to generate the question, “Ooo, what do you have in there?”

Aren’t interested in a beer glass collection but want to enjoy a complex beer the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed? Drink it from a wine glass!


  1. The standard, straight-wall pint is certainly the most ubiquitous, but it would never be my first choice for any beer. It’s shape leads to poor head retention and doesn’t allow for the drinker to get the full effect of the aroma. Its place in the bar world has been earned because it’s cheap, sturdy and stacks easily. I almost always use a tulip for the vast majority of styles, even with lagers.

    • You’re right, pint glasses are sturdy and cheap, yet don’t allow for the full effect of the beer. But from a standpoint of “glass or no glass” the pint does its job. The angle we were going for is: if you don’t have any glasses, start here. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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