Standings, East Village

Next up in our Good Beer Seal coverage: Standings in the East Village.

New York City is a tough town for sports fans who love craft beer. Most sports bars are dominated by the same macro beer that stifles selection at most stadiums. But Standings (right above Jimmy’s No. 43. Known along with Jimmy’s and Burp Castle as the “Brewmuda Triangle”) is a place to catch all your local, national, or international sporting events (the Olympic trials were on the other evening) with a pint of craft beer (though it might be a bit too warm).

Greenport, Crossroads and Shipyard were on tap with Sixpoint cans behind the bar during our visit. The bar offers free food on some nights – free pizza on Fridays, anyone? With many TVs broadcasting at once, you’re surrounded by sports memorabilia that doesn’t pick a side. You may even see your alma mater.

Standings is located at 43 East 7th St. (upstairs) in the East Village and it’s open at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Closest subway is the 6 train at Astor Place. 


  1. Another place I haven’t tried… definitely always on the look out for good places to watch games with good beers. Have you tried Croxley Ales? They have over 40 beers on tap and refuse to sell bud, miller, or coors. They also have 30 or so TVs all over the bar and show just about any game you could want. $0.10 wings on Mon, Tues, and Wed as well. Usually my go to place for sports in the EV, but I’m always down to try new places!

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