Jimmy’s No. 43, East Village

Continuing our series of Good Beer Seal bar posts is the one the started it all: Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village.

Jimmy Carbone opened Jimmy’s No. 43 seven years ago after owning a restaurant for a number of years. He took the space as-is and turned it over within four weeks. The name came about naturally because he didn’t originally call it anything or put up a sign, people just began calling it Jimmy’s, and 43 is the address. “I like things to happen this way, organically,” he explained.

The bar has always offered a full menu – “I think it makes a better place,” says Jimmy – and has a biscuits and beer brunch on the weekends. Every Tuesday features a $10 beer tasting event with a different theme, and there are often beer dinners and other events. The bar also welcomes CSAs that want to host their pickups there.

Jimmy started the Good Beer Seal four years ago “with a focus on bars that were small and independently owned,” he explained, then Beer Sessions Radio. The Seal, he noted, was sort of an answer to Craft Beer Week, where any bar could serve craft beer and participate.

Jimmy’s No. 43 is located at 43 E 7th St. in the East Village and is open at noon Monday through Friday, 11:30 Saturday and Sunday. Closest subway is the 6 train to Astor Place. 

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