BeerUnion Good Beer Seal #beeradventure: Only Six More to Go!

We’ve been really powering through our challenge to get through all the Good Beer Seal bars. Here’s where we’ve been so far:

Sunswick 35/35, Brouwerij Lane, Spuyten Duyvil, Blind Tiger, 124 Rabbit Club, Swift Hibernian Lounge, George Keeley, Dive Bar, Jimmy’s No. 43, Burp Castle, Standings, The Bronx Ale House, Sycamore, Bierkraft, The Gate, Mission Delores, Pacific Standard, 4th Avenue Pub, The Stag’s Head, East Village Tavern, Against the Grain, Idle Hands, DBA (Manhattan), Waterfront Ale House (Brooklyn), The Brazen Head, Mugs Alehouse, DBA (Brooklyn), Waterfront Ale House (Manhattan), Rattle N Hum, Pony Bar, The Diamond, Lucky Dog, Barcade, Beer Table and the Double Windsor.

(We added several in at the last minute because we just happened to be in the neighborhood and didn’t want to miss any opportunities.)

That’s 35!

Our schedule for the home stretch:

Thursday, July 19: Earl’s Beer and Cheese (East Harlem)

Friday, July 20: 61 Local, Bar Great Harry and Pine Box Rock Shop (Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill and Bushwick)

Sunday, July 22: Adobe Blues and Killmeyer’s (Staten Island)

We saved the easiest for last, didn’t we?

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