Bronx Brewery’s New, Limited Release

Last week the Bronx Brewery released its second beer, a RyePA, with a party at Randolph Beer in Nolita. It was a great turnout at the party; the rye was tapped within a couple of hours. The new beer, the brewery’s second release, was also on cask.

At first glance the RyePA doesn’t seem all that different from the original Pale Ale but after a deep smell and a few sips you can clearly see the direction that brewer Damian Brown has taken his new version of a pale ale. With rye making up 25% of the malt in the brew there is a noticeable peppery spiciness that is not present in the original pale ale. The Crystal and Chinook hops lend floral notes and an herbal character that works nicely with the spice flavors from the rye. Fans of hops and cask ales should seek out this beer on cask. An extra addition of hops in the cask and serving at cask temperatures really opens up the hop aromas that separate this beer from the original pale ale.

This is a limited release, and will be pouring at The Ginger Man, 5 Napkin Burger, Jimmy’s No. 43, Randolph Beer, Good Beer, City Swiggers, Rye House, Colicchio & Sons, Ducks Eatery and The Green Table. Check it out!

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