Beer & Cheese: A Happy Combination

Last night we headed over to the Brooklyn Brewery for a beer and cheese pairing event featuring Murray’s Cheese. Cheese buyer Aaron Foster led the gathering, describing the cheese-making process and what we should look for when making a great match up between the two.

Our favorite moment from the night? When Foster joked, “Little Miss Muffet, sitting on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey? Terrible cheese maker.” In correct cheese-making, you separate the curds and whey, not eat them together.


Goat cheese from Westchester with Sorachi Ace
Sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque region with Brown Ale
An Appenzeller Cow’s milk with Local 2
Cabot clothbound cheddar with East India Pale Ale

Foster emphasized that when pairing beer and cheese, it’s not too important to have the right ones. Go out, get a few cheeses, beers, and “have real fun.”

Murray’s Cheese just got its beer license (Foster is also the beer buyer), so if you’re in the mood for some awesome cheese and beer, head on over to its location on Bleecker.

Our canine table-mate Lulu only had eyes for cheese. 

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