Earl’s Beer and Cheese, East Harlem

Next up in our series of Good Beer Seal bar reviews: Earl’s Beer and Cheese in East Harlem. (Though some refer to this part of the neighborhood as the Upper East Side.)

Our love for Earl’s Beer and Cheese is no secret – we’ve professed it here before. New to the Good Beer Seal this year, Earl’s is a place you love to hang out (if you get a seat – it’s small and can get pretty crowded if you go at busy time. Evidenced by the guy in the photo standing outside drinking his beer). The beers are either draft or can and many are local.

The reason we keep going back to Earl’s is the food. Beer cheese spread on toast with garlic, macaroni and melted goat cheese, double cream brie or calabro mozzarella grilled cheese. Everything’s good.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese is located at 1259 Park. Ave between 97 & 98th Sts in East Harlem and is open at 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 11 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. Closest subway is the 96th St 6.

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