Beer Cheese Soup

Two people sent me this recipe for beer cheese soup (thanks Hanna and Mary!) so clearly, I had to make it. Also? Beer cheese soup? Yes.

You can find the full recipe here. I modified it by using red and green peppers, and decided to use an IPA instead of a wheat beer. In this case, Southern Tier IPA. My reasoning for this, before we get into how it went in the soup, was that during my previous experiment with beer batter fried zucchini, we couldn’t really taste the beer in the end product. I really wanted to taste it this time, know it was there, so IPA it was.


The result? Too beery. And not enough cheese. (IPA was not a good choice.)

I couldn’t do much about the beer taste, but I could fix the lack of cheese. We saved about half of the soup for leftovers to have the next morning for breakfast. I added about 2 tablespoons more of half and half to loosen the soup while I reheated it, and doubled the amount of each cheese. The recipe calls for 4 ounces each of grated sharp white cheddar, sharp yellow cheddar, and colby jack (I used Cabot brand), but I would up adding 8 ounces of each in the end.

This time? So worth it. Really cheesy, and by sitting overnight the beer flavor had mellowed enough so that it came later, instead of hitting you on your first taste.


I would definitely make this again, doubling the cheese in the beginning. And yes, using a milder beer. Thoughts on which one would go nicely?

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